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Rymore regularly undertakes a diverse range of groundwork projects particularly for the construction sector, but increasingly for farming, forestry and estate management.

Our activities run from simple excavation work through to extensive infrastructure – generally for new housing. Being flexible, we can not only secure and deliver large, comprehensive  contracts, but also happily carry out specific works at any level. Using our extensive professional network which includes structural and civil engineers, we can design solutions for a wide range of groundwork projects, including retaining walls, rainwater attenuation systems, high-load concrete slabs and much more.

Groundwork is now a sizable area of Rymore’s business and our considerable investment in plant means we are well equipped to meet growing demand. Our whole approach is responsive, flexible and adaptable  which provides our clients with the very best level of service.

Since landscaping is a logical progression from groundworks, it should be no surprise that Rymore undertakes hard landscaping too. Using materials such as stone, metal, glass and wood, we create versatile and unique recreational areas in traditional and formal styles. Patios, decking, lawns and water features are popular requests from our clients. We also refer clients to trusted soft landscaping experts, who bring in their planting expertise to integrate seamlessly with a client’s project.

Groundworks services

  • Earth moving and muck-away
  • Site clearance and demolition
  • Installation of services (cables, pipes, ducts)
  • Land drainage, surface and foul drainage
  • Manholes and chambers
  • Concrete breaking, slab and foundation removal
  • Tree root and stump removal
  • Foundation and over-site preparation, including walls to DPC
  • Retaining walls
  • Water tanks and attenuation systems
  • Sewage treatment systems
  • Ground source heat pump installations
  • Pool bases and walling
  • Private roads and car parking
  • Permeable/non-permeable driveways

Landscaping services

  • Linear and point drainage
  • Retaining walls/sleepers
  • Pathways/paving/edging/steps
  • Ponds and water features
  • Shelters/pergolas 

Typical Rymore clients

  • Homeowners
  • Builders
  • Private developers
  • Historical houses and estates
  • Farmers
  • Schools
  • Renewable energy enterprises
  • Forestry management firms

For more information do contact us on 07808 836093.

For smaller projects requiring just an excavator and operator charged at a daily rate, see Plant Hire Services.


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“A construction company at heart, Rymore understands the fundamental importance of doing things properly from the ground up to avoid very costly remedial works.”


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