A Message from our Director – Jason Mennie

It all started when I began working at weekends on buildings for my father when I was 15 years old. (Or even earlier perhaps when I was playing with Lego bricks as a five-year-old…) With a break in my twenties, I have been building ever since.

Passionate about the industry, I’ve always loved the creativity associated with building. I drum it into my team that we must “do it once and do it well.’ This is fundamental to our ethos.

Standing back and looking at a beautiful building, which has been well crafted together, still fills me with great satisfaction. I think it always will – it’s what we do.

I thought I understood the upheaval of building but working on my own house with a young family occupying it gave me a visceral understanding of what it was really like!

I do understand that for most clients building and improving their property can the biggest single outlay they will have ever made. Believe me, building and maintaining trust and good communication lies at the heart of how I operate, both with our clients and within our Rymore ‘family’.

My mobile is always on 24/7 – You can contact me any time. I want to hear about your exciting project!